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Welcome to Aloha from Deer affiliate program for online creators, where you are able to earn real money by promoting our products.

How does it work?

Our affiliate program is created for online creators who have accounts on popular social media platforms like: Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. In exchange for promoting products from Aloha from Deer on your profiles, you’ll earn real money, additionally your account reaches a much wider audience thanks to our promotion efforts.

How can I join the program?

If you are interested in joining our affiliate program, send a message to info@alohafromdeer.com. Tell us something about yourself, show us your social media accounts and someone will touch you in the next few hours.

How can I exactly earn money?

In our affiliate program, you earn money when your promotion generates a sale in our store. You’ll receive 15% value from each generated transaction.

Contact info@alohafromdeer.com

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Affiliate program FAQ

Anyone can join Aloha from Deer affiliate program! If you’re sure that you create great quality content, you have an engaged audience, contact us and let’s collaborate. The only condition is to have a public account that anyone can find.

The base to settle the sales is an unique discount code that is generated for each creator.

Each collaboration is calculated on the last day of every month. To put it simply, we add up the number of used codes from the first to last day of the month and on this basis we calculate the sales. At the end of each month you’ll receive a report summarizing the sales for the whole month.

IMPORTANT: We will be able to transfer money to your account in the moment when the total amount will be over 100 €.

Your earnings depend on the amount of used codes and the value of sales that will be generated. For example, if you generate sales worth 10 000€, you’ll earn 1500€.

Your money will be transferred to your bank account or to one of the popular online wallets, like PayPal. The payout of funds is based on the issued VAT invoice or a contract for specific work.

Your unique discount code is valid all the time. You’ll receive the money for its sales in the month of post publication but also after a few next months, if its activity will be long enough.

Products to promote are chosen by us, but don’t worry! We’re pretty sure, together we’ll find the items that will appeal to you and will become your favourite garments.

We will establish the details of collaboration later, but you can already familiarize yourself with a sample collaboration brief, where you can find the examples of the content we expect.


We expect you to provide a sponsored post, which we will be able to promote. Thanks to this your profile will reach a really wide audience. You can earn money, but also to increase the visibility of your profile in the network.

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